#.If you can not open the file. Please do the following

#1 – If the file extension is .rar. Download this software to extract. [HERE]
#2 – If it is other file types. Visit this site https://convertio.co/ to convert to a file you can read.

If you have already purchased an E-book, check your email, you can get your see your download link.

We also send you an email with download link after your order is completed.

You can pay for your purchase using your Credit card, Master Card, Visa Card.

a. For reading EPUB / MOBI / AZW E-book files, you can download the free reader software Calibre [HERE].
b. For reading PDF files, you can download Adobe Reader [HERE].

Can be download Immediately after purchasing, download link will send to your email instant.

In some cases related to the email system, it is possible that the email will send the download link to you that is delayed.
Please wait up to 1-2 days, we always make sure you receive the download link no later than 48 hours.

I. We will give you a refund if your situation falls into one of these 2 cases:
* The E-book you downloaded is not as advertised.
* You receive an error when trying to open the E-book.
* Duplicated Orders which are purchased accidentally. We only refund one of them.

In theses cases, please send us an email to: support@joycebros.com and we will issue you a refund. Please allow us at least 24 hours to reply back to you.

II. We will NOT issue a refund if your situation falls into one of these cases:
You purchased the E-book because you thought that this was a physical book. We have made it very clear that our products are electronic and not physical in the description as well as the title of the product.

You don’t need the E-book anymore due to unforeseen circumstances (dropping classes, professors changing books, etc.).

You wanted another title but mistook the E-book you bought for that title. We have included in great detail the cover, title, ISBNs, Amazon description of the E-book so there is no way that you can mistake this E-book for another.

The page numbers of the E-book differ from those of the hardcopy. It is common knowledge that some types of E-Book (especially EPUB, MOBI, AZW) do not have the same page numbers as the their hardcopy counterparts. Please contact us first about the page numbers before purchasing.

The refund money will be funded back to your Bank Account within 3 – 5 business days.
For customer complaint please e-mail us at: support@joycebros.com

You will be paying via the Stripe gateway and it is one of the most secure payment gateways available; so yes, your data is protected.

During the checkout process, you will be required to input your email. After you have made your purchase, the link to download your e-book will send to your email immediately.

If you want to contact us regarding your order, please send us email to support@joycebros.com. Please allow us at least 12 hours to answer.

The answer is it depends. Some E-Book will be exactly the same as their hard copies and some will not but it is a known fact that the page number of the E-book will not be the same because of the screen difference. Please contact us before purchasing if you are not sure whether you want to E-book to have the same page number or not. We will not issue a refund if you purchase the E-book and then want a refund because the E-book doesn’t have the same page number as the hard copy.

The online access code DOES NOT come with the E-book version.

All texts in the E-book are searchable and zoomable, you can locate certain texts in 1 second by searching the keyword.

Once you pay for the e-book, you can view the e-book at anytime and anywhere. No limitation, no expiration.